Any ticket related queries should be sent directly to ticketsupport@ra.co for a response; Attach the code RAXXXXXX-XXX to receive a prompt solution.

Tickets are activated by creating a QR 24 hours before the start of the event.

Read below to learn more.

If the event has been canceled in its entirety, two means of compensation will be offered: a full refund of the ticket cost or the option to attend the next event for free. If, due to circumstances beyond the control of the organization, an artist’s last-minute cancellation is reported, no compensation will be offered; The resale service will always be offered through the ticket sales platform https://ra.co/tickets/resale

Once the event SOLD OUT, the resale systems in Resident Advisor will be activated automatically.

Please note that we strongly advise against purchasing or selling SOLD OUT event tickets through any platform other than Resident Advisor; They are the only authorized resale systems.

Resale tickets will appear on the Resident Advisor ticket sales page as existing ticket holders decide to list their ticket, so we recommend you check back periodically if none are available when you initially search.

You can find more information and instructions on how to use both resale systems through Resident Advisor here.

All tickets will be checked and scanned upon entering the venue. Tickets can be printed or, in the case of digital tickets, displayed on your mobile device. You will need to bring a valid form of photo identification to the event to verify that the name on the ticket matches your name.

All false, invalid or duplicate entries will be rejected. Please ensure you purchase your ticket(s) through an authorized sales platform (Resident Advisor is our only official sales platform).

When a purchase is made of one of our tickets sold by Resident Advisor, an email is automatically sent (to the email address linked to your RA user) confirming the purchase. 24 hours before the start of the event, tickets are activated in the Resident Advisor mobile application; There you can see the QR that you must present to access the event.

If you do not receive the purchase confirmation or cannot see your entry in the AR application, you can contact info@hivernacle.com o ticketsupport@ra.co

The VIP ticket gives access to the backstage; a large area to be able to sit on the sofas/chairs, talk with friends, etc., you will have direct access to the stage to be closer to the artist who is playing. In addition, you will avoid many queues, both to enter the event and to order a drink (VIP Bars) or go to the bathroom (VIP Bathrooms). VIP entry does not include drinks. The “stage” area is where the DJs and their guests are playing; This area is exclusive for them and cannot be accessed. However, the stage also includes the backstage: the area that is just behind the stage, that is, right behind the DJ; This area is enabled for all those people with a backstage ticket.


Hivernacle Madrid operates a no re-entry policy. Once you have left the premises, re-entry will not be permitted.

Hivernacle Madrid applies a strict zero tolerance policy to illegal substances. Searches and checks will be carried out and it is a condition for entering the place. Any customer alarmed by the search and/or check will be discussed individually and security staff will explain the process. The assistant may refuse and leave the premises at any time if they do not wish to continue with the search. Anyone found in possession of illegal substances will be refused entry, removed from the premises and may also be subject to prosecution. We reserve the right to transmit your data to the relevant authorities if we believe that a crime or criminal act has been committed.

No, there is no cut-off time to access the Hivernacle site. Our goal is to provide our attendees with the most flexible and enjoyable experience possible. Therefore, you can arrive at the festival at a time that suits you within the operating hours specified for the event. However, we recommend that you check the official event schedule on our website or social media to ensure you don’t miss any performances or special events that may occur during the day or night.

The minimum age to access our events is 18 years old. This policy is implemented to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for all of our attendees. Please ensure you have valid identification proving your age upon entry to the event. If you are under 18 years of age, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to access the event.

We only accept DNI, a valid passport and/or identification documents of foreigners. You must provide a valid photo ID that matches the name on the ticket you present at the entrances. Please note that we cannot accept expired or outdated forms of identification. If you are unable to provide a valid, up-to-date form of identification, you may be denied entry to the facility.

Please note that you are NOT permitted to bring (or use) any of the following items into the venue; illegal substances; psychoactive substances; digital cameras; glass or metal bottles; weapons; whistles; drums; megaphones; flares; smoke canisters; knives; blades; razors; or any other item which may be used as a weapon, or which may, in our reasonable opinion, cause danger or disruption to those attending the venue (regardless of whether or not such item is illegal or is being carried for specific purposes); large bags, perfumes or colognes; deodorants; sponsorship, promotional or marketing material; markers, spray paint or any other similar element that can be used to mark the infrastructure.

We reserve the right to confiscate any prohibited items. Anyone found in possession of such items will be refused entry, removed from the premises and may also be subject to prosecution. No refunds will be given to attendees who are denied entry due to possession of Prohibited Items.

If you have a specific reason for bringing prohibited items into the venue (for example, because you have a medical or dietary condition), please contact us before the event at info@hivernacle.com.

Animals are not allowed on the premises.

There is no established dress code at Hivernacle Madrid. Dress to dance.

You may bring food and water into the venue if you wish. The only permitted water bottle is a 0.5L plastic bottle. Any glass, metal, or other material bottles will be confiscated at the entrance and stored in our cloakroom (you can retrieve them at the entrance after the event).

It is strictly prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages to our events.

We do not provide a cloakroom service at the events. However, there will be a storage at the entrance for leaving small items such as motorcycle helmets or objects that are not allowed into the event (excluding clothing).

*After two months, all items left in the storage and unclaimed will be donated to various associations we collaborate with. The same applies to lost items.

General consults

The payment method that we offer within the premises for the consumption of drinks and/or food is payment by metal card and cash.

Yes, there will be drinking water stations accessible to all attendees. The fountains will be highlighted on all venue maps published on our social media and website.

At the end of the event, our staff will be responsible for collecting any items that have been left behind on the premises. If you come across any item that does not belong to you, please proceed to the access ticket offices, and the staff will store it. The day after the event, the lost items will be taken to our offices. If you wish to inquire whether your lost item has been picked up by our staff, you can send an email to info@hivernacle.com

SET TIMES are posted the week before the event on our website and on the Resident Advisor event page. The day before and on the day of the event, the SET TIMES are published on our social networks.

Instagram: @hivernaclemadrid
Facebook: @hivernaclemadrid

The SET TIMES are also published in print format and distributed during the event.

Smoking inside the dome is strictly forbidden. The enclosure of the Plaza de Live Las Ventas is a closed and air-conditioned dome, so smoking is not allowed inside. There are some outdoor areas (inside the plaza) designated for smokers.

Intellectual property and image rights

By purchasing the ticket and attending the event, I give my consent that, during the event, photographs may be taken of me or my image may be recorded by different means. The term “image” includes video or still photography, in digital or other format, and any other means of recording or reproducing images. The images may be used, free of charge, both by Centris/Hivernacle, as organizer of the event, and by third parties to whom Centris/Hivernacle has transferred the images. The purposes of the images will be for promotional and/or commercial use of the events through different channels, including social networks, as well as the creation of different materials and content, such as the “After Movie” or the inclusion of the images in summary reports of the event in third-party media and channels.

Work with us

You can send us your CV or cover letter to the following email: info@hivernacle.com